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Sport Parts Stages Types Of Injection Moulding Process Machine

sport parts stages types of injection moulding process machine - it is mainly featured by high precision, reliable performance and fine workmanship. Guolan can offer the full package including production of moulded parts, machined inserts or pressed parts for over moulding, spray painting, RF shielding, clean room moulding, clean room assembly & packaging, in mould decoration, assembly, packaged and despatched ready to market! Enormous capacity for economical manufacture of multiple moulds. Shorter deliveries for sizeable moulds.

Sport Parts Stages Types Of Injection Moulding Process Machine

Making injection molded prototypes is both an art and a science. High levels of technical expertise 

and attention to detail are required to prevent small mistakes from costing companies big money when 

it comes to mass-production of novel parts.

Preventing such a circumstance is all about highly competent design. This article discusses some of 

the molding defects that can occur in a part during injection molding, and ways to fix and avoid them. 

Design shortcomings we will discuss include:

Flow Lines

Sink Marks

Vacuum Voids

Surface Delamination

Weld Lines

Short Shots


Burn Marks



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