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AR Attack Augmented Reality Gun-Shooting Game Toy For Iphone

Advanced AR (Augmented Reality) Technology AR-Gun is a brand new smart toy of shooting games and a perfect combination of AR Technology and Electronic Technology. Just need a Smartphone, and cooperate with the AR - gnu APP, offering a wonderful fusion of the real world and virtual game world augmented reality experience, letting the players through the visual, auditory, sports enjoy with virtual reality.

AR Attack Augmented Reality Gun-Shooting Game Toy For Iphone








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Net weight


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DIY Design

A DIY extensible toy Gun. You can building a new guardian by yourself. Bringing you much fun.


Wonderful Immersive Experience

Built-in Virtual Radar, players by walking or turning around to find the enemy, and pull the trigger and kill target object. Enhancing your experience and make you feel like on the scene when playing games. You are not separated from games but being a part of them.


Game Ecosystem

Easily download the companion App (AR Gun) from Google's Android App Store or iOS App Store. Supports Game Modes: Aircraft Shooting and Fish Catching (The AR Games are being updated)

Adopts Environmental Protection Materials

Adopts high-grade timbering (matsuzaka), healthy, non-toxic and environmentally friendly. Lightweight, Portable and Detachable.

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