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No technicians, mold manufacturing industry how to develop?

Mechanics of the basic quality of people demanding, and can not rely on talent to complete the work, need a long time hard training, skills, mentality, character, the environment is a very big challenge, such as some machine processing departments need perennial with the machine Dealing with the environment, the smell of the summer, hot summer, cold winter, and prone to work accidents, more and more young people would rather squatting in the office code word, do not want to try to learn related skills, not to mention what to overcome technical barriers , Into a pioneer and the like, and more importantly, in today's increasingly impetuous environment, even if some people determined to seek a breakthrough in technology, it is difficult to ignore the temptation of the outside world. 


In fact, the lack of the existence of Chinese technicians, the most important thing is the institutional culture dictates, because the system is not perfect, the Chinese people's investment concept is short and fast, the presence of skilled workers is too low, the community will not give its due respect.


For this reason, ordinary people are hard to enjoy the "product in the hands of sublimation" pleasure, they enjoy the pleasure of grabbing other girlfriends, so as you see, schools, small and medium enterprises are not respected senior technicians training , The examination of education, students focus on written guidance and examination, hard back concept, strong mind formula, the risk test works constitute the life of the Chinese technical school, as to the actual operation or experimental argument, most of the school due to financial constraints and perfunctory , To know the university, technical school is the most precious time in life, learning desire, energy, curiosity are the most exuberant, we are generous, unaware of the waste of this great life, did not build their own Knowledge and skills system, it is no wonder that college students looking for work is harder than the day.


The school environment is not ideal, at least simple, and some decadent enterprises are more ruined tirelessly, in fact, many Chinese mold manufacturing enterprises respected "people who care for people, the labor of people in the" culture, drilling technology People often do not get the system of appreciation, pay in terms of far behind managers, more deformed situation is that Chinese enterprises have always been serious internal friction, a lot of "people who do not mind" did not mind into the "education" But on the "people play" on, do not understand the creative development of profits, they can only stare at the inherent profits of the head-to-head, and finally come to a black and blue, craftsmen growth trajectory with this system culture Conflict, there is no sense of being that is reasonable, since there is no sense of existence, not the respect of society, who is willing to stop and study technology, the Chinese mechanic gradually withdraw from the central stage.

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