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Injection Mold Fabrication-Camera Parts Overmolding Gate Types Maker Machine For Sale

Plastic injection mold fabrication for camera parts / camera accessories , photographic equipment parts/ accessories.. One-stop customized plastic injection moulding / molding / tooling solution supplier , prototype designing , mass producing in Guolan factory ...

Injection Mold Fabrication-Camera Parts Injection Mold Gate Types Maker Machine for Sale

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Guolan is an professional precision injection molding company in China since 2007 with manufacturing plant in Shenzhen offering both cost effective and quality plastic products. We have more than 10 injection molding machine from 75 to 1200 tons,hot stamping machine,silkscreen machines and ultrasonic welding machines. Our products range from Refrigerator parts, electronic & electrical parts to desktop stationeries, bathroom accessories, housewares, hangers and packing containers, etc.

Send the plastic injection mold to us , we will manufacture mass  molded parts as you need , and we specializes in electronic products etc.


Send the 2D/3D drawings , samples  to us , we can disign and build high precision plastic injection mold for you .. You take away the mold belongs to you , also you can keep it in Guolan factory , we can realize full production , assmelby ,and packing etc.. 

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homemade injection mold1.jpg

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