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Professional Photography Kit Equipment Supplies For Sale-Injection Mould In China

Customized injection plastic parts / accessories manufacruring in Guolan facrory ... One- stop plastic ejetion moulding / molding / overmolding designer and toolmaker.. Application : phones , cameras , earphones , TV, swithes , lamps , automobile , medical device etc..

Professional Photography Kit Equipment Supplies For Sale-Injection Mould In China

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China professional custom manufacturer of injection molded parts. Polypropylene, ABS, acetal, acrylic, copolymer Polypropylene, HDPE/LDPE, nylon, polycarbonate, polyester, polystyrene, thermoplastic and thermoset plastic resin used. Additional services include assembly, packaging, inventory management, designing and product development. Consumer products, electronics, medical, automotive , industrial, sporting goods and food industries served.

1.Guolan is a collection research and development, production, sales for the integration of technology companies, provide one-stop solutions for customized platic injection moulding /molding / toolings etc , also there is massive prodution of plastic parts/ accessories in Guolan factory ..

2. We have a high-level designers team and we adopt advanced machine as CNC\DMG\EDM\CMM. 

3. We have first-class product quality, improve the mold design, advanced production and processing technology, reasonable price, the excellent ability to deliver on time.

4. With strict Quality Management system

5. We are all with high quality and customer demand as the center.We can tailor various kinds of products for each customer as per requirements.

6. Quality and Integrity are all the first and important.

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News:Global Injection Moulding Machine Market 2017

  The study analyzes the Injection Moulding Machine industry in detail. 

To begin with, it enumerates the primary market operations, evaluating the nature and specific 

characteristics of products and services it provides. In the following chapters, the study classifies 

the Injection Moulding Machine market in terms of its varied product types, applications, 

network of supply chain, and geography. Based on the market segmentation, the report analyzes the 

competitive landscape of the Injection Moulding Machine market and lays down the development 

status of key regions in globally

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    Founded in 2007 ,Guolan Plastic & Metal products Co., Ltd. locates in one of the most expensive areas in Shenzhen China,equipped with a 10000sq production facility and a total workforce of 300 people,among which engineers and supervisors and all well-educated and sophisticated in mold industry. Guolan specialized in injection mold manufacturing and mold plastic parts, and we are well versed in multi-cavity mold、hot-runner mold、two-shot mold、gear high precision mold,clear parts mold,car component mold, and apply for medical instruments、smart items 、home electronic appliances,auto and spaceflight parts.through untiring effort and improvement.Guolan mold won the customer’s high praise for our untiring Profession wins the future diligence brings prosperity...
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