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Plastic Mold Injection Companies-Buy A Gun In Parts Molds Molding Kits For Sale

Guolan offers high quality plastic Injection moulding services for a variety of industries. Plastic injection moulding is the most common method of part manufacturing and is ideal for producing high volumes of the same object whether it be a small component or large product.

Plastic Mold Injection Companies-Buy a Gun In Parts Molds

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China Professional custom manufacturer of plastic injection molds /moulds /tools for a wide range of industries. Capabilities include designing ,fabrication, milling, stamping, drilling , punching, roll forming, casting, polishing, buffing, finishing, electroplating, top coat sealing, vacuum metalizing and coating and other surface treatment, Die/mold/tool maintenance, assembling, laboratory, packaging, shipping, exporting and hazardous waste processing and recycling support services are also available.Mass production of plastic injection molded parts in our factory . ISO system compliant

Guolan offers high quality plastic Injection moulding services for a variety of industries, and can manufacture a huge variety of products in a number of materials to suit your specific requirements.


Household ApplianceTV, Air Conditioner, Washing machine, Microwave oven, Dust Collector, 
Coffee maker, Hair drier etc.
TelecommunicationTelephone, Fax machine, Printer,Smart Mobile, Wireless Router, Interphone etc.
Medical equipmentDiagnosis, Medical Trolley, Blood pressure monitor, sleep Apnea etc.
AutomotiveAccessory of bicycle, wheel, Motor, car etc.
ToysToys car, car model, toys helicopters, boats model, airplane model etc.

News:Injection Mold Features

  Injection mold temperature points in uneven, is connected to the injection points in the cycle. Mold temperature controller is to maintain a constant temperature of between 2min and 2max, in other words prevent fluctuations in the temperature difference in the production process or gap from top to bottom. Following several control methods suitable for controlling mold temperatures: fluid temperature control is the most common method, and control accuracy can meet most of the requirements. Using this method, displays the temperature and mold temperature controller are not consistent; die considerable temperature fluctuations, because the effect of thermal factors not directly measuring and compensating for these factors include changes in injection cycle, injection speed, melt temperature and room temperature. 

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