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Home Applicances & Electronics Simplify And Reduce Parts

In the development of household appliances, a variety of excellent performance of plastic, especially engineering plastics play a very important role, engineering plastics with light weight, high strength, no corrosion, wear resistance and insulation advantages, and raw materials Easy to produce, easy to produce, high production efficiency, with engineering plastics instead of metal, low production costs, due to the good performance of engineering plastics processing, injection molding can be used to process, and thus suitable for mass production, but also to simplify and reduce the parts benefit.

Different household appliances use different types and quantities of engineering plastics, even with the same kind of household appliances, in the selection of engineering plastics and the number of varieties, but also because of manufacturers, models, specifications and different. Selection of the right or not, not only related to product quality and service life, but also related to the cost of production and product competitiveness.

(A) selection basis

Has been the industrialization of the production of engineering plastics varieties have more than a dozen categories, there are hundreds of varieties and grades, a single engineering plastics materials have been toward the alloying, the direction of compound development, so as to the selection of household appliances to provide more grade , A single engineering plastics materials have been toward the alloying, compound the direction of development, so as to the selection of household appliances to provide more varieties. The choice of engineering plastics materials are mainly based on the structure and dimensional accuracy of engineering plastic parts, the working environment of engineering plastics, the characteristics of engineering plastics, economic indicators, safety factors, manufacturing process and so on.

1, the structural and dimensional accuracy of engineering plastic parts

The geometrical shape, size and precision of the engineering plastic parts are the important basis for the material selection. For the general parts such as the shell, the bracket and other engineering plastic parts are easier to choose, for the complex or large-scale engineering plastic parts, should be used for different varieties or grades (Dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, geometric tolerances, etc.) to a certain extent, restricts the choice of the scope of the material, which is because of the choice of materials, engineering plastics parts of the accuracy level (dimensional accuracy, surface roughness, Engineering plastics in the course of the dimensional stability of the larger differences; and engineering plastic parts of the surface roughness, although mainly depends on the mold and molding process, but the engineering plastics on the surface roughness of products also have a certain impact.

2, the working environment of engineering plastic parts

The working environment includes temperature, humidity, sunlight, light exposure, ultraviolet radiation, stress status, frequency of use, and whether the solvent, oil and other chemicals in the atmosphere. Working environment will cause the aging of engineering plastics materials, creep, environmental stress cracking and solvent stress cracking, etc., thus affecting the normal work of engineering plastic parts, reduce its use value, the working environment conditions must be considered when the material selection factors.

3, the characteristics of engineering plastics

Each engineering plastic has a certain characteristics, material selection is to make full use of these characteristics of engineering plastics to meet the different requirements of engineering plastic parts.

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