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Home Applicances More Energy Efficient And Environmentally Friendly

There is no doubt that in our daily life a wide range of household appliances for our lives has brought a lot of convenience, in recent years, when we buy home appliances, the product power consumption more and more attention, but the face For all types of fancy energy efficiency label, which one we choose a more energy-saving environmental protection?

So what kind of home appliances with China's energy efficiency logo? As early as 2005, the relevant departments to proceed with energy efficiency labeling research and promotion work. In other words, the earliest Chinese energy efficiency labeling from March 1, 2005 began to implement, at the time of the products involved only refrigerator and air conditioning. Later, one after another joined the washing machine, electric water heaters, induction cooker, rice cookers, tablet PCs and microwave ovens and other products. And some of the energy efficiency of the product, such as refrigerators, etc., after several generations of change, energy efficiency requirements are also increasing, and thus form the current energy efficiency to see you see signs. So, and energy efficiency labeling, and some for the three energy efficiency, and some for the five energy efficiency, after all, what these figures mean, the user how to buy it?

1, what is the energy efficiency label? Do you choose a homepage from energy efficiency labels?

Energy efficiency label is the energy efficiency label,Home Applicances is the energy product accessories, said the product energy efficiency rating and other performance indicators of an information label, as shown in Figure 1, the purpose is for users and consumers to buy the necessary information to provide decision- Able to guide and help consumers choose energy efficient products.

Level 1 indicates that the product reaches the international advanced level, the most economical, that is, the lowest energy consumption, energy efficiency ratio of 3.40 or more;

Level 2 represents a more economical, energy efficiency ratio of 3.20 to 3.39;

Level 3 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is the average level of our market, energy efficiency ratio 3.00 ~ 3.19;

Level 4 indicates that the energy efficiency of the product is lower than the market average, the energy efficiency ratio is 2.80 ~ 2.99; the grade 5 is the market access target, the product below the level requirement is not allowed to produce and sell, the energy efficiency ratio is 2.50 ~ 2.79.

In the process of energy efficiency calculation, the actual input power of air conditioning test is particularly important, most manufacturers in the home appliance industry power measurement of the first choice or power meter, both to complete the voltage, current, power, energy consumption and other basic functions of the test, But also on the input voltage and current harmonic analysis and other preliminary analysis.

In the home appliance testing and certification bodies, high-precision power meter has become an indispensable detection tool. Zhiyuan Electronic PA310 power meter, the basic power accuracy can reach 0.1%, three channels can be completed on the three-phase AC test, and the maximum 500KS / s sampling rate, 300KHz bandwidth, standard synchronous measurement harmonics (up to 50 times) and the total Harmonic Distortion (THD), in line with IEC61000-4-7 harmonic measurement standards, to solve the current frequency conversion appliance industry due to harmonization caused by the test is not accurate situation; with their own power and harmonic test function, the use of up to 100ms fast data update cycle can be the perfect realization of the current home appliance input power test.

With the growth of market demand, IH (induction heating) induction cooker with its more secure performance gradually replaced the gas stove. The IH Induction Cooker utilizes a large current to generate strong thermal energy and convert it into heat. This kind of high current equipment test measurement and measurement equipment on what kind of request?

"All electrification" has been unknowingly into our lives,Home Applicances like kitchen utensils, water heaters and other household equipment are driven by electricity. With the growth of market demand, IH (induction heating) induction cooker with its more secure performance gradually replaced the gas stove. The IH Induction Cooker utilizes a large current to generate strong thermal energy and convert it into heat.

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