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Smart Inspecting Robot For High Speed Rail Line

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On November 22, 2017, In Qinglinkou power substation ,China railway group Chengdu Bureau , the line of high-speed rail from Xi’an to Chengdu , the first intelligent inspection robot "Chengcheng" is patrolling the equipments , this marks smart robot putted into operation for inspection from today.It is reported that the robot is set with robot technology, SLAM navigation and positioning technology, image recognition technology, such as infrared temperature measurement technology is an organic whole, can continually assist patrol in 24-hour to find hidden danger in time, and ensures the power supply equipments run safely and smoothly for the high-speed rail line from Xi’an - Chengdu.

Intelligent inspection robot "Chengcheng" is about 1.1 meters high, it designed ,manufactured ,adjusted and installed by Chengdu Jiaoda Guangmang Technology Co.,Ltd. , built-in infrared thermal imager and visible light cameras and other substation equipment inspection device, it transports the video and data of power substation to remote monitoring system in patrol progress in real time so that can realize temperature measuring and heating inspection timely , at the same time also can collect transformer sound intelligent analysis to judge the operation condition of transformer.

At present, the intelligent inspection robot "Chengcheng" can analysis filling oil, oil level and temperature of aeration equipment through infrared cameras, can also detect circuit breaker and isolating switch points switching, lightning arrester number and leakage current, utilize computer monitoring system to enlarge the image to let people know all the situation.

Introducing Intelligent inspection robot "Chengcheng" , greatly reduces the long-term investment in human, let the inspecting in inclement weather(such as the thunderstorm days) easier , this effectively ensures the quality of equipment patrol, improve work efficiency, can provide application of unattended substation with innovative technology, detection means to further improve the reliability of substation inspection and safety 

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